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Exporter & Importer Insurance Solutions

Are you a business that exports or imports goods and services overseas?

Our product line has expanded from traditional international insurance to protect businesses that have accounts receivable risk from foreign buyers. Through our appointment with Export-Import Bank of the United States, we can insure against certain accounts receivable default and can assist in directing clients to secure pre-export financing.

In addition to traditional property/casualty products for export and import businesses, VTC Insurance Group offers products to insure all sales to eligible domestic and international buyers by extending credit terms with confidence.

Purchasing Trade Credit Insurance will help you in the following areas:

Mitigating Risk – Insure your accounts receivables against nonpayment by foreign buyers. This insurance protects you against non-payment due to both commercial risks of insolvency, bankruptcy and default, and political risks of revolution, war, political violence and transfer risk.

Marketing – Extend competitive credit terms to international buyers. Increase your sales.

Financing – Access additional pre-export credit in tight economic times by insuring accounts receivables to increase borrowing capacity.

International Products and Services

GlobalNet Insurance Solution

GlobalNet insurance protects you in the business of conducting oversees transactions of goods and services, as well as accommodating the risks that employees encounter in their travels abroad. If you are importing goods from a foreign company, you need products liability coverage domestically written to cover lawsuits brought against your company locally and abroad.

Ocean Cargo Solution. Your finished product on-the-go.

Ocean Cargo insurance may be purchased directly or through your freight forwarder. The advantage to purchasing your own insurance is that you will have better control in the event of a claim. If you purchase from a freight forwarder, your merchandise in route could be subject to the insurance terms of the freight forwarder that may be different from the type of coverage that you desire. Ocean Cargo products can offer you World-to-World and Warehouse-to-Warehouse protection.

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